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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Welcome to my Blog

I've heard from some people that blogging is now very popular and if I knew how to deal with it I will become rich, or its another source of income by just using internet. Well, making addition income interest me much & eagerly I wanted to know about it. I'm working at internet cafe in past 3 years up to the current. My self experience in computer is now at advanced level and I believe in myself that I can do everything. I can solve some popular computer problems that needs troubleshooting by the help of "GOOGLE" my no.1 search engine references.

I write this blog so that I can express myself that I'm ready to face the advanced computer world. Not only in computer troubleshooting but also in gaming, applications software and hardware manipulations. I wanted to help people who had lack of knowledge in computer. Helping them in the way of searching about the problem they face on their computer. I'm hoping that this blog will become popular to everyone and by that I can help anyone by posting some Computer related problems and their solutions.

Also important notice that some content of this site is edited by me from different sources, and some other is my own composition. I'm going to use this site as my personal references during the time that i'ved conducted the following procedures done in the past.

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