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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Request a Software Applications here..

If you need some software cracks, keygen, serials, patches and etc. Just drop some comments or address it to "" with the complete details of your requested Application Ex: kaspersky 2009 working key & etc. I will help you find what you need in efficient time.

I probably don't have much knowledge on posting additional information here on my blogs so therefore I will just rely on your request and whatsoever it is.

Best regards,



Blogger Lotlot said...

Hi, Jun! can you help me ?

I have a problem with my comp, it takes many minutes for me to use it because it hangs..then, there's something that pop ups - the name is SYSTEM SECURITY..i don't know what it it virus?...

..i am using i using the right antivirus?...or shall i buy an anti-virus software?

..honestly, i don't know about computer....

the computer is very slow..i don't know what's the problem in it..if it's because of virus, or motherboard, or memory..i don't really i said, i don't know about computer...

sometimes, i hear beeps whenever i touch the mouse...i've just read your topic about beeps..but i forgot how many beeps i heard in my comp...

please help me....what shall i do?..

January 7, 2009 at 12:19 AM

Blogger eljun said...

There are many possible cause of your problem as like you mention above. Computer Hangs Up because there is a problem with Hardwares or Software application itself. Virus may also affects your computer during start up. Or one of your hardware encountered an error.

Let me ask you this simplify questions:
1. Can you still use your computer or was your computer still working inspite of that problem?
2. Was your anti virus always being updated?
3. When the "System Security Error" occur?

I will find solution to your thread as long as I completely identify your problem.

January 7, 2009 at 9:36 AM

Blogger Lotlot said...

i've read your latest post..and i'm taking down notes of all the advices you gave there...because the problems that you've mentioned are what my computer is experiencing...

the problems with my comp are: hangs up for many minutes when i turn the computer on..
..there's SYSTEM SECURITY thingy that always pop ups( before i went to work today, i scanned that program with AVIRA, then it was detected as virus..i don't know if it will still comes back when i turn my computer on hours from now)
...most of the time the computer slows down...sometimes it takes an hour before the computer functions well...then, that virus thingy pop ups again...
..sometimes i hear beeps..(yet i forgot to count)..
..sometimes the laptop blurs..

..btw, i still can use my comp..but i'm afraid the problem worsen...
anyways, thanks for helping me, jun...and for your latest post...i will apply it when i get home...
..i hope it works..
..i'll tell you the update after i install that thing..


January 8, 2009 at 4:31 AM


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